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Jean-Philippe Fontanille is a numismatist known for his research on Judaean/Biblical coins. He is co-author of the books The Coinage of Herod Antipas (Brill 2018), The Coins of Herod (Brill 2012) and The Coins of Pontius Pilate (Shangri-La 2001). His numerous works and articles have been published in English, French and German in various magazines and numismatic reviews in the United States, Canada, France, Israel, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, and New Zealand (see list below). Jean-Philippe resides in Montreal (Canada) and he also operates, the most important website ever dedicated to Judaean coins (13,000 coins classified die per die since 2002)





2017: Literary Award for Best Article Attributed in Tukwila WA (USA) by the Pacific Northwest Numismatic Association.

2013: Kindler Numismatic Prize Attributed in Tel Aviv (Israel) by the Israel Numismatic Society.

2005: Harlan J. Berk Special Recognition Award Attributed in Chicago (USA) by Harlan J. Berk.

2004: Norman W. Wagner Award Attributed in Winnipeg (Canada) by the Canadian Society of Biblical Studies.

2001: John Wexler Best New Author Literary Award Attributed in Atlanta (USA) by CONECA.




2012: The Coins of Herod


"Ariel and Fontanille’s book fills a spot not yet taken: by starting with a die study of the (admittedly dreadful) bronze coins of Herod, they move their study into the realms of economy and politics of this pivotal figure. The result is a book that will have to be consulted for many, many years to come. This book is an invaluable addition to the study of the world in which Herod reigned." - Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research No. 371 (USA, Spring 2014)

"Ariel and Fontanille have done a monumental job of gathering available evidence and presenting it coherently. The Coins of Herod sheds fresh light on many aspects of the coins of Herod, including their chronology, and it is a “must have” for every numismatic and historic library that deals with the ancient Holy Land. Ariel and Fontanille’s work will be the basis for all important scholarly discussions in the future." - Biblical Archaeology Review Vol. 38 No. 4 (USA, July 2012)

"It is too common for reviewers to express the opinion in their assessments that the work they are reviewing is “groundbreaking.” In this particular case, however, I am certain that such an opinion is entirely justified. The book The Coins of Herod will long remain essential reading for any scholar interested in the minting and coins of Herod." - Scripta Judaica Cracoviensia (POLAND, Oct 2012) & Central and Eastern European Online Library (POLAND 2012)

"There are series of coins for which one can not imagine that someone would classify. The material is too large or the pieces can be poorly maintained. In the case of bronze coins Herod's true even both. And still Donald T. Ariel and Jean-Philippe Fontanille have published a die catalog of the coins of Herod - mostly bad preserved bronze coins!" - Münzen Revue Vol. 5 (GERMANY, 2013):176

“In The Coins of Herod, Ariel and Fontanille provide the most thorough analysis of Herod’s coinage to date. The book includes a die study based upon examination of 2,504 specimens. The 96 pages of carefully created plates clearly show the appearance of the dies, their linkages, and supporting data about the coin sources.” - American Journal of Numismatics Vol. 24 (USA, 2012)

"The authors tackle all aspects of the coinage of Herod and exhaustively discuss numismatic, economic, archaeological and historical questions concerning money in the kingdom of Herod (…) The book is definitely a milestone in studies on the material culture of Herod." - Israel Numismatic Research Vol. 7 (ISRAEL, December 2012)

"An important addition to the literature of the ancient coinage of the Land of Israel." - Bulletin of the Anglo-Israel Archaeological Society Vol. 30 (UNITED KINGDOM, 2012)

"The great value of the book is the meticulous presentation of the steps taken by the authors towards the establishment of both a relative chronology and an absolute chronology of the Herodian coin types. The debate on Herod’s coinage has definitely gained by the publication of this book, which evaluates the previous discussion, presents a detailed analysis of the iconogra-phy and methodological and technical aspects, thereby including a number of details so far unnoticed, and will surely prove a valuable contribution to future research on Herod the Great." - Orientalistische Literaturzeitung Vol. 110 (GERMANY 2015)



2001: The Coins of Pontius Pilate





“The data on variants and the historical introduction will no doubt make it a popular book among collectors and those interested in Biblical history” - American Numismatic Society magazine (USA, spring 2002)

“A considerable depth and numerous illustrations”
- The Journal of Classical & Medieval Numismatic Society (CANADA, December 2001)

“Studies of even the most minute details of any group of related coins and their dies can be important not only to numismatists but to our understanding of history”
- The Celator (USA, January 2002)

“Collectors of ancient and Biblical coins will find this a desirable volume to have. The authors are to be congratulated for having made such an extensive study”
- The Canadian Numismatic Journal (CANADA, December 2001)










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